Custom Software Development

When I was six, I wrote my first programs in BASIC on my family's Apple IIe, and I have been writing code of one kind or another ever since. Counting from my college years when I first got paid to do it, I have been a professional software developer for over 20 years now, and have worked in a wide variety of languages and frameworks on everything from static and dynamic websites, to custom analytics applications, to enterprise systems that see tens of millions of dollars of transactions.

Some fun facts about me as a software developer:

  • I've programmed in BASIC, Pascal, C, JavaScript, Perl, ASP (classic), PHP, Excel VBA, R, Python, TypeScript, C#, and Java, not to mention HTML, CSS, and SQL.
  • I worked on websites for NBC and Disney during the dot-com bubble of 1997-2001.
  • I supervised over 90 student teams developing software projects for small businesses and nonprofits in the Phoenix area while teaching IT project management at Arizona State University.
  • I'm the anonymous "consultant" in this published academic case study who developed custom analytics applications at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks.
  • I've created lots of open-source software, which you can read about on my GitHub profile

My Specialties:

Modern Languages & Frameworks

An application framework is a toolkit for building a modern application quickly, with performance, security, and maintainability built-in. An experienced user of a framework can do better work, and faster, than a programmer who knows only the underlying language.

Fortunately for you, my most recent jobs have given me extensive experience with three of the hottest frameworks in the most popular programming languages around:

  • Java language -> Spring Boot framework
  • Python language -> Flask framework
  • JavaScript language -> Angular framework

If you'd like to create a new application from scratch, or need a developer to jump into the weeds of an existing system, I can be productive in these languages and frameworks from day one.

Secure Coding

One of the easiest things to get wrong in application development is security. Web and mobile apps that are coded quickly often leave the door open to hackers, pranksters, and other malevolent forces such as spam. As a veteran developer, PhD, and certified cybersecurity pro, I can help you find and plug vulnerabilities like these:

  • SQL injection attacks that expose or damage your database
  • Cross-site scripting and clickjacking attacks on your users
  • Cross-site request forgery hacks that leverage other sites to compromise yours
  • Rookie mistakes like insecure protocols and plaintext passwords

All the code I write is written with security built in. If you've already got code, you can call on me for a code review, a second opinion, or to add new security controls to an existing application.

Reponsive Design

Your customers have all kinds of devices and a wide variety of web browsers. Modern web applications should be responsive, meaning they automatically adjust to any size screen -- like this web page, for example. You should be able to read it comfortably on a cell phone or computer with any size screen.

As a "front-end" developer, I am skilled at using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design responsive user interfaces. I usually use frameworks such as Bootstrap to give a professional look, make it responsive, and get it off the ground quickly.

Cloud Deployment

In my early days as a web developer, I installed and configured numerous web servers and databases from scratch, a time-consuming but necessary precursor to coding a new site or application. Today, it's much easier to rely on third parties to prepare and manage this infrastructure, i.e., "the cloud".

I have experience with more than one of the major cloud services and providers, including: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Heroku. As a "back-end" developer, I can make the right selections for your project to get a solid, maintainable foundation in place so we can begin developing the features you want at a reasonable price, and still be able to scale up later when your business grows.

Rate Sheet

Rates are negotiable based on circumstances. To learn more about the discounts I can offer, call 207-307-1457.

Responsive, informational web site (like this one) $1200
Complex, database-driven web & mobile apps call
Security analysis & retrofit call
Database modeling, design, and repair call
Agile project management call
Developer training call
Standard software development consulting rate $600/day
or $100/hour
Initial consultation Free!